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Bobby Greenlease in School (1953)

Bobby Greenlease in Sion school

September, 1953

What can possibly be written and recorded about the life of Robert C. “Bobby” Greenlease, Jr.  that hasn’t been written  and recorded previously, and in so many languages, and with so many interpretations? Actually, quite a lot, and coming especially from his Mother’s own perspective!

His name gained such notoriety, and not because he was the beloved son of two of the most prominent people in Kansas City. Not because he was an exceptional student in academia. Not because he won recognition for being so helpful to an elderly man. And not because he could recite more verses in The Holy Bible than anyone in his class at school. None of these acknowledgments qualified him for the national and international recognition that would befall him at the age of six years, seven months and 25 days.

The events that unfolded late on the morning of September 28, 1953 would forever alter his young life and the lives of his father and mother and sister and brother and the other members of his family. And henceforth, this young and wonderful and beloved son and grandson and brother and cousin, would be known to the nation and the world simply as “Bobby Greenlease From the moment he was born on February 3, 1947 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, clearly and truly he was the adorable and beloved son of Robert and Virginia Greenlease, and his parents immediately and henceforth always called him “Bobby

Bobby Greenlease always loved dogs and he was the master of a dog almost from the moment he arrived home following his birth. His dad brought him a Poodle puppy when he was an infant. He played with and loved his dog all of his short-lived life and he learned to care for his two dogs, (when he was five he was given another dog), from the time he took his first steps and spoke his first words. And Bobby also had a Parrot named Polly that he loved to talk  and even sing to. When Polly talked back, Bobby was always so overly thrilled that he had taught her to talk!

His very happy and proud parents did everything imaginable for him and he was afforded every wholesome thing he could ever want or wish for. His Father was a multimillionaire and so luxurious toys and extreme material goods were never any concern to him; since this was a part of the lifestyle easily provided for Bobby and the entire family.

When Bobby was five his dad surprised him on his birthday with his own mini Cadillac car he had had custom made by General Motors, the very first of its kind, anywhere. Bobby would drive his little Cadillac up and down the long driveways and in the huge garages at his home. Just like dad and mom; he had his own Cadillac; blue at that!

The most important traits his parents really wanted to instill in Bobby and his siblings as well, were love, kindness, generosity, and a deep faith in God. Bobby learned about Jesus Christ from the earliest time in his life when he was also to learn to pronounce words clearly and to relate to his parents and his sister and brother. Clearly, God was always known to Bobby, and in later years this reality certainly brought great comfort, solace, and hope to his family. He loved to go to Sunday School and to Holy Mass. He attended St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church in nearby Roeland Park, Kansas each Sunday, and he learned to love The Holy Bible, and to relate to nature, to love animals, and to be compassionate and sharing toward other peopleBobby was a fine and well-balanced youngster, to be certainHe was filled with life and pep and he was such a happy little boy; excited about spending time with his family and friends. His days were filled with new adventures and so many chances to make new friends. He was the one to meet any new neighbors; especially those with children his age.

When he was five, he had found an injured bird in his yard, and he wanted to “help make it fly againSadly, this bird passed away and Bobby was quite sad and unhappy. He then placed the bird in a small box and had a little funeral and recited a St. Francis Prayer, and then interred the bird in a beautiful rose garden behind his home overlooking the  Indian Creek. Virginia explained to Bobby that this bird was “now in Heaven and was no longer injured and would one day fly again with all of God’s beautiful birds He really understood what he was being told and this comforted him. And so he was happy and joyful again! He kept his outside bird feeder filled with corn and seeds and he enjoyed the other wildlife running throughout his yard. He even regularly placed apples and corn outside on a huge tree stump for the occasional deer and raccoon, and many squirrels and chip monks coming near his home. Robert always made sure there would be plenty of apples and corn and seeds for Bobby’s regular wild animal feeding rituals.